My Bucket List AND My NEW Bucket List

Looking for bucket list inspiration? Want to see what I’ve done? Take a look!

The Bucket List is the list I’ve thought about, added to, crossed things off. These are the things I want to do before I do.

The NEW Bucket List are the things I had no intention of doing, but said YES to and am so grateful I had the opportunity to do them.

Also, I plan my bucket list adventures in a specific manner each year. I choose 1 that I can complete in 1 day, 1 that will take me a couple months and 1 that will take me the whole year. The top 3 are the ones I’m working on right now.

Here we go….

My Bucket List

  • Sing the US and Canadian national anthems at a televised major league sporting event.
  • Do a polar plunge January 2021
  • Crossed Polar Plunge off my bucket list!
  • Hike a volcano in Hawaii
  • Be in a dance recital
  • Sleep in an ice hotel
  • Fly on a private jet
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Play in a paintball match
  • Throw a surprise party
  • Cheer for a Canadian sports team in another country
  • Publish a book January 2020
    • Take a mud bath
    • Try a sensory deprivation tank session
    • Order room service
    • Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef
    • Leave a large tip for a server
    • Brew my own beer
    • Be in a food fight
    • Pay someone’s vet bill that cannot afford it
    • Get covered in puppies July 2021
    I got covered in bulldog puppies!
    I got covered in bulldog puppies!
    • Go skinny dipping
    • Go to a yoga retreat
    • Solo trip to Europe September 2016
    Drinking beer in Germany
    • Go hang gliding
    • Try parasailing
    • Walk on hot coals
    • Swim with sharks
    • Name a star February 2021
    • Shoot a gun
    • Officiate a wedding
    • Meet the online friend I’ve known for 20+ years
    • Pay for a stranger’s cheque at a restaurant
    • Attend a murder mystery party
    • Go to an EDM concert
    • Fly first class
    • Send flowers in secret August 2020
    • Speak at a TED or TEDx event
    • See a space shuttle launch with my Dad
    • Get a makeover on TV
    • Public Speaking September 2019
    Click to watch my speech!

    There’s more!

    • Go on a silent meditation retreat
    • Become fluent in another language
    • MC a wedding
    • Learn to play guitar
    • See the cherry blossoms in Japan
    • Visit the tulip festival in the Netherlands
    • Be in a flashmob
    • Be a part of someone’s marriage proposal
    • Volunteer at the Olympics
    • Be on a game show
    • Be a seat filler at an award show
    • Walk the red carpet on TV
    • Be an extra in a movie
    • Go bungie jumping in New Zealand
    • Stay at the underwater hotel in Maldives
    • Attend La Tomatina in Spain
    • Treat myself to a Michelin starred restaurant
    • Sleep in a castle in Europe
    • Meet Mel Robbins
    • Meet Wim Hof
    • Meet Lewis Howes September 2019
    Summit of Greatness 2019
    • Meet Jimmy Fallon
    • Meet Gary Vaynerchuk
    • Meet Kyle Cease
    • Meet Simon Sinek
    • Meet Rachel Hollis
    • Meet Tom Bilyeu
    • Meet Tony Robbins
    • Buy a cottage on a lake
    • Go scuba diving in Australia
    • Drink Guinness in Ireland
    • Go on an African Safari
    • See the pyramids in Egypt
    • Publish an article in a magazine
    • Meditate at a monastery
    • Be interviewed on a celebrity’s podcast
    • Sail the Greek islands
    • Be in Brazil for Carnival
    • Speak on stage to 1,000 people
    • Do Stand-Up Comedy May 2016
    • Spend New Year’s in a Different City New Orleans 2019
    • Complete a triathlon
    • Complete a marathon
    • Get a black belt in a martial art
    • Do a team sport
    • See the Northern Lights from a glass igloo
    • Climb Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia
    • Float in the Dead Sea
    • Hot air balloon ride in Turkey
    • Walk the Capitano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC
    • 29029
    • Learn to Swim August 2018
    • Learn to put on makeup July 2018

    My NEW Bucket List

    • Indoor Skydiving – September 2018
    • Skiing Lessons – January 2019
    • Attended a Raptors Game – January 2019
    • Sketching a nude model – February 2019
    • Cake Decorating Class – May 2019
    • Indoor Rock Climbing
    • Skydiving – July 2019
    • Tai Chi – August 2020
    • Drove an ATV – August 2020
    • Drove a tractor – August 2020
    • Held a chicken – August 2020
    I'm holding a chicken!
    • Met up with like minded strangers from ITU to hike in Niagara – October 2020
    • Rented a tiny cabin – October 2020
    • Fed chickadees out of my hand – February 2021
    • Ate sardines – August 2021
    • Took an alpaca for a walk – August 2021

    These lists with change and grow as I change and grow; so will yours!

    What’s on YOUR bucket list?

    What did you say YES to this week?

    Tag me in your posts with the hashtag #thenewbucketlist so I can cheer you on!

    You got this!

    Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach

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