Back in April, I hosted my Virtual Book Launch Party, since my in person book launch had been postponed with no way of knowing when it would be rescheduled. Welcome to my Official Book Launch Video! My publisher and New York Times Best Selling Author, Raymond Aaron, made me realize how much writing a book […]

“The pain of regret fades, but the pain of ‘What If’ sticks around.” Kyle Scheele, How to Host a Viking Funeral So, you’ve got this bucket list, full of excitement, adventure and fulfillment. Full of things you are terrified of doing and things you never think you’ll actually accomplish, but is it a wish list

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This is one of those inspirational quotes that often pops up in the back of my mind. It comes up in hard times, moments of self sabotage, laziness, procrastination and self doubt. This quote reminds me that my goals are bigger than my weakest moment and that it IS just a moment, not a permanent

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Four simple words. Why is saying, “I need your help” so hard? This is something I’ve always struggled with, so I’ve always done everything myself. Doesn’t sound so bad, Right? Wrong. Not having the courage to ask for help has hindered me in so many ways. I just get this sick feeling when I need

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