Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins

Are you ready to unleash the power within? Are you REALLY?

I just completed 4 days of immersion with Tony Robbins and his team over zoom at the Virtual Unleash the Power Within event. There were a couple technical hiccups, but there were over 30,000 people on the call! I wondered how effective this would be when it’s not an in-person event. I threw caution(and money) to the wind and dove right in.

Read on!

Unleash the Power Within tool box. Included with your ticket!
Package that comes with your ticket! WOO!

Day 1 of Unleash the Power Within – Breakthrough

This is the day that lays the foundation for all of the other days. Each day has a similar routine and lots of energy. Pay attention!

Like any goal, finding your WHY is key. Not only do participants discover their WHY in goals, relationships and career, but really figuring out why you even came to the event. What is your intention for attending UPW?

From there, Tony teaches how to get into a ‘peak state’ and how to change your physiological state. I’ve been taught this before and have used it for the past 3 years. It’s an incredible tool to get the most out of what you are focusing on. Throughout the 4 days, you are continuously going into peak state through the day. It’s helpful, so you don’t fall asleep on your super comfy couch in your PJ’s and stay focused; stay ALL IN.

He talks about being a leader, mastery, meaning, creation, clarity, adding value and focus in both business and life. It’s a lot!

Don’t worry; it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

We talk about what makes us suffer and why we CHOOSE to suffer. Does suffering serve you?

I didn’t realize writing down my triggers would be so hard. It’s weird to see those horribly negative things down on paper, but it helps you see them for what they are and Tony helps you through getting rid of the and replacing them with something awesome and quite possible hilarious.

Humour is used by all of the speakers and trainers throughout; you will definitely have some good laughs. They all tell a lot of funny stories to drive the points home.

The last thing we learned about were the 6 Human Needs. Do you know what they are? I thought I knew and it turns out, I did not. Certainty, variety, significance, love, growth and contribution were not at all what I would have answered. In this section, we dissected the positives and negative ways we achieve each of these and then we rank them. This was VERY challenging.

To close out day 1 and make your confidence soar, we wrote a limiting belief on the wood from the welcome kit and broke it with our bare hands! It was so fun and exciting. That little moment will be added to My NEW Bucket List!

Day 2 – Momentum

After an evening like that, what could day 2 possibly have in store for us?!

Besides a lot of energy, peak states, breakout rooms and screaming YES, it was a day of love and hate.

Scott Harris and Joseph McClendon III joined us to let Tony give his voice a break after 14hrs of talking.

Joseph introduced us to pattern breaking, so there was a lot of randomness and ass shaking. He is a Psychologist; so much of what he teaches is science based, which I quite liked.

He starting with dialling in on your WHY and taking massive action for lasting change.

We were asked to write down what we loved, what we hated and what we are passionate about. I was surprised at how I answered these questions compared to the others in my breakout room. It is a great way of showing what others ranked higher on the 6 Human Needs. It was timed, so writing down EVERYONE you love and hate isn’t possible, but some people had clear priorities and it made me want to better communicate what is important to me.

We then dive into each area of our lives to determine where things are going well and what needs work. the categories are Physical Body, Emotions & Meaning, Relationships, Time, Work/Career/Mission, Finances and Celebrate & Contribute. This are explained in detail; definitely not the typical areas I would’ve assumed. I have never looked at time or emotions to determine how that part of my life is going. It is a very useful and eye opening exercise.

From there, Scott asked us to look at the people we surround ourselves with. It beings more understanding to that old phrase, ‘You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you.’ I feel like taking a step back at least once a year and looking at those 5 people closest to me would be very beneficial to see who is adding and who is taking away from my beautiful life.

Helping us build our peer group, they taught us about building rapport and trust as well as the different ways people learn and communicate. This was another eye opener. I didn’t realize that communication isn’t all about the words you use, it’s also about the medium you are communicating with, whether it be spoken or written, etc. Neat!

Unleash the Power Within YES! emoji

Day 3 – Transformation

This was the most epic day of all. This is the day 30,000+ attendees gave the middle finger to their limiting beliefs.

We started the day with Tony reminding us that having clear goals is #1. Without specific goals, you will go nowhere. Don’t be afraid to set a goal or fail at it. It’s all about learning. It’s better to try than never know, I say!

Many people, like myself, get stuck on the HOW of goals. I see my goal, but I don’t know how to get it. Tony encourages us to find a model and replicate what they did because you know it worked. You also take a look at all obstacles, much like the WOOP method I talked about in a previous blog.

Success Leaves Clues

He also talks about the internal struggle of achieving goals. Maybe you have the skills, but not the WHY or the confidence to follow through. This is where your WHY is clutch. Your WHY many not be compelling enough for you to go for it, so it may need to be redefined or maybe you have the wrong goal. A lot to think about!

From there, we define out values and beliefs. These can be positive or negative, but they can still affect your success. We choose 3 limiting beliefs and write out the story we tell ourselves. We write out why it’s the truth and why we can’t get past it.

Then, it gets crazy.

Tony takes us through a deep meditation to elicit a heightened negative emotional state; it felt like forever. I get that this is done to leave an emotional imprint on you, but it was pretty intense. After that, he helps us create a new association with those beliefs that totally takes their power away. It’s not what I expected at all, but now when I think about those beliefs, I don’t think of the negatives, I think of the new association. Makes me smile every time. 🙂

Now I get why this is called ‘Unleash the Power Within’!

Day 4 – Vitality

As someone who as always been interested in health, nutrition and fitness, this day was FASCINATING. All day, I would have to pick my jaw up off the floor after learning something new that blew my mind.

This day was very science-y. We learned about how cells survive, acidic/alkaline foods, toxins and more. We were taught to take care of our bodies better, so we can fully enjoy the transformation and live to the fullest. Brian Bradley also took us through all of the muscles that are neglected and their importance. A video with the amazing Wim Hof took us through a breathing exercise and Master Co and Sage Robbins guided us through a meditation. I was fully enjoying this day. Just when I thought I knew a lot, it turns out I didn’t know much!

Dean Graziozi makes an appearance with a little wisdom and then there were 2 more incredible speakers, Nick Santonastasso and Jamie Kern Lima. These speakers were the perfect examples of persistence and not taking no for an answer.

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Did I Unleash the Power Within?

I did! Immersion is the only way to go when you want to take massive action and make a real change. Like anything, if you don’t keep up on it, the lasting effects will be short lived.

Some attendees have gone to UPW more than once! Which is totally understandable because you use what you need at the time and by the time you go back again, you’re at a totally different place; I’ve been know to go to the same seminar twice for that reason.

There were a few things that could’ve gone better. A lot of the time, they didn’t tell us how long the break was, which is important if you haven’t had one for 8+hrs. Some of the topic/speaker transitions could’ve been smoother; they could’ve told us what was coming up, so we wouldn’t be thrown off by this random topic. The workbook you get could use more blank pages for notes!

Tips for Attending Virtual UPW

  1. Prepare food and snacks ahead of time – breaks are random and sometimes very short!
  2. Make room for dancing – re-arrange room ahead of time, if necessary
  3. If you have carpet, wear shoes. My calves were screaming by day 2!
  4. There is a lot of screaming and yelling. Be conscientious of neighbours and time zones.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Want to get on the screen? Make a sign!
  8. Take notes! The workbook doesn’t have everything in it!

Interested in unleashing the power begin? Click this link* and get to it! If you’re looking for a big change or to start a new chapter in your life, this is the event to kick start change!

That’s it! Feel free to message me on IG with any questions.


* Full disclosure – I will earn commission if you sign up using my link. If you don’t use my link, we’re still friends! 😀

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