If You Don’t Sacrifice for what you Want, What you Want Becomes the Sacrifice

This is one of those inspirational quotes that often pops up in the back of my mind. It comes up in hard times, moments of self sabotage, laziness, procrastination and self doubt. This quote reminds me that my goals are bigger than my weakest moment and that it IS just a moment, not a permanent state.

When have you Sacrificed that Thing you Wanted so Badly?

Here’s a better question: WHY did you give in and sacrifice that thing you wanted so badly? Bad things come up in everyone’s life and you need to sacrifice to make it better, but was it worth sacrificing your dream?

There are other reasons people give up their dreams and it has nothing to do with hard work or not knowing how. The little things you do in your life that you are not willing to give up single-handedly sabotage your progress. I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. I’m talking about buying morning coffee, sleeping in, the dessert, the FOMO, the ‘gram.

Whatever your dream is, you are stealing from it and pushing it further away when you do things to sabotage it. If you don’t sacrifice things like the extra spending, time on social media or not treating your body properly, you are sacrificing your dream instead. Doesn’t seem like much, does it?

No inspirational quotes here. Instead are you sacrificing dreams for screen time?

Screen time. Go to your phone’s screen time and see how much time you’ve used sacrificing your dream instead of attacking it. Go to your credit card statement and see how much money you’ve spent on NOT pursuing your dream. I do the same things, but the key is to be aware of it. I’m not suggesting that you guilt yourself into giving up your daily Starbucks at all; I want you to make the choice in the moment. What is more important to you? Instant gratification for a few minutes or reaching a goal you’ve dreamed of your entire life?

Instant Gratification? How about Delayed Gratification?

A difficult habit to create is delaying gratification. I know those little dopamine hits are pretty awesome, but they don’t last long and then we crave more. What if you gave up the little things in exchange for your dream? What if you rewarded yourself at each milestone towards your goal with a little something instead? How much more delicious would that caramel macchiato taste?

It tastes like victory; that’s what it tastes like.

It boggles my mind knowing that if I spent one less hour on TikTok per day and worked on my goal, I would’ve put in 30 extra hours. How much closer to your dream would you be if you did 1 extra hour per day. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

And then there’s that other pesky thing that holds us back: fear. Fear that it might actually happen and/or that you might fail are 2 huge factors that influence our sabotaging tendencies. What are you afraid of? What is it costing you to stand still? You can get anything back except time. Ask yourself these questions and smash every excuse you’ve got. From experience, I ALWAYS ALWAYS wish I had started sooner. Start today!

Will you sacrifice for what you want or WILL what you want become the sacrifice? That is up to you.

Inspirational quotes can only open your eyes; it’s up to you to take action!

What are your favourite inspirational quotes? Tag me on Instagram; I might just write a post about it!

I believe in you.

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach

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