If You Died Today, What Would You Be Pissed You Didn’t Get To Do?

If You Died Today, What Would You Be Pissed You Didn’t Get To Do? This is the question I ask at the end of every episode of The New Bucket List Podcast and I’ve got some surprising answers.

Let’s play. Get a pen ready!

So, let’s say today is your last day on the planet, what immediately comes to mind that you wish you had done? There are no do-overs and no second chances. Really think about the wishes and regrets that come to mind if your time was up today.

If today was my last day, I’d regret staying at an unfulfilling job for so long and not finding or creating the job that fills my purpose. I’d regret not giving more of myself to good causes, in time and money. I’d regret not fixing the things that have bugged me for so long that caused me unnecessary stress or frustration, like that dripping tap or forgetting about the construction on the way to work or that I need a new pair of ballet flats because mine are falling apart.

The things you’d regret not having the chance to do, don’t have to be life-changing, but they would’ve made your life easier and better if you had not put them off, right?

So, Where do I Start?

Start with where you’re at in this very moment. Here are a few questions to get your brain working.

  • What have you been putting off?
  • Is there a class you’ve been wanting to take?
  • Is there a skill you’ve wanted to improve?
  • Did you never pursue your passion?
  • Did you never FIND your passion?
  • Is there something you haven’t had the courage to ask or tell someone?
  • What’s still on your bucket list?
  • Do you even have a bucket list?
Thinking about my bucket list.

Not easy questions to answer, but I want you to answer them honestly. I’d say that the majority of people that read my book, The New Bucket List, didn’t have a bucket list prior to reading it.

If you already have a bucket list, prioritize what’s on it. Look at what is you must do and what would be nice to do. I know you intend on crossing everything off the list, but what would you be pissed you didn’t get to do, if today was your last day?

You may notice, I didn’t mention travel. This blog post was written during a pandemic, so travel isn’t really an option right now. I don’t want that to derail your bucketlisting just because seeing pyramids is on a MUST on your list. At this moment, few are making any of their travel dreams come true, myself included.

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, like travel plans, and that’s OK, but giving up because of that is not an option.

But Lisa, my bucket list is ALL travel related!

Nice try.

Look at the list of questions above. You know there is at least one thing you can try, learn, say, do or research that is not travel related.

What are the things one your list that you can work on today?

Pick one thing. When you start working on one thing you’d be pissed you didn’t get to do if you died today, you’ll be feeling good already. Stop regret in its tracks TODAY.

So, ask yourself…..If I died today, what WOULD I be pissed that I didn’t get to do?

I believe in you.

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach

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