What’s your BHAG?

Well? What’s your BHAG?

Do you have a goal, so crazy, so seemingly impossible that you don’t even bother pursuing it? That’s your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

Are you assuming that because your goal is so out there, that it’s ACTUALLY not possible? Let’s talk about that.

Goals have rules; to quote the mother of Marie Forleo, ‘Everything is Figureoutable.’ That is Marie’s first rule.

The second rule is that if your goal is something that goes against physics, it’s not attainable; it’s a fact of life. I’d love to walk on water and not have to wear a bra too, but gravity is what it is.

The final rule is going to get you really thinking about tweaking or reconsidering all the goals and dreams on your bucket list. Do you care enough about this dream to put in the time and energy to figure it out? Does your goal ignite a fire and passion within you? If not, this may not be the dream for you.

This was pretty cool!

At the end of every podcast, I ask this question:

If you died today, what would you be pissed you never got to do?

Ask yourself this very question. Really stretch yourself to see what you really don’t want to miss out on. You’ll be surprised when stuff that you currently work towards doing, like exotic trips or fancy cars, don’t even make your top 3.

I’ll never stop reminding you that we’re all going to die one day, so let’s get this goal party started.

Go through your bucket list and if you don’t have one, get to it! My book, The New Bucket List, can help you get one started.

Narrow your list down to things CANNOT live without, things you REALLY want to do and things that would be COOL to experience. As you think about an experience, consider WHY you want to do it and visualize yourself actually doing it. Does it make you happy? Fulfilled? Excited? Is there something else on the list that makes you feel even better? Keep categorizing your list, dwindling it down until there are 3-5 things left.

For example: I think it would be really COOL to take a hot air balloon ride and I REALLY want to sing the national anthems at a major league sporting event, but I CANNOT die before compelling at least 1,000 people to cross something off their bucket lists.

So, What’s your BHAG?

Are any of those 3-5 things crazy or seem impossible? I want you to have at least ONE big dream that makes the list. If you don’t have a big dream on that list, think about the thing that would give you so much fulfilment for you and others that you NEVER thought was possible and write it down.

Now that you’ve got your top 3-5 things you don’t want to die without doing, choose 1 and think about the first step. Is it easy? If not, do you know someone else that has done it, that you can ask? The second you know the first step, DO IT. Don’t overthink it, just DO IT. Whether it’s asking someone or researching or learning a skill or whatever, just get off your butt and DO IT.

Taking the first step. Photo by Jakob Owens @ Unsplash

Do you want to regret never trying?

Didn’t think so.

Let me guess….you’re too BUSY and you’ll DO IT LATER.

Spoiler Alert: Time doesn’t care. Time will pass whether you achieve your goals or not. So, the course you want to enrol in takes 2 years? 2 years is going to pass if you take the class or not. That’s life.

Start taking the first steps towards one of those top 5 goals, especially your BHAG. Once you get moving, you’ll see that it’s not impossible and you’re not too busy. You manage to make time for the bad stuff, it’s time to make the good stuff a priority.

Do one thing every day and you’ll be shocked at how far you can go.

I believe in you.

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach