Strategize Your Goals With WOOP!

HEY YOU! Strategize your goals with WOOP! What in the world is WOOP?

Gabriele Oettingen has laid out how to strategize goals and create habits with an easy 4 step method; W O O P. This method is based on science and once you see how easy it is, you’ll be all over it. People use it to get better at school, get healthier and even develop better relationships! Here’s how it’s done…

W: Wish – Write down a goal to achieve or a habit to create.

O: Outcome – List your desired outcome and purpose for this Wish

O: Obstacle – Think of all possible obstacles that could stop you from achieving this goal or creating this habit.

P: Plan – This is where you use the If-Then formula to stop those obstacles from hindering your progress.


When I learned about this method, I was setting the date to begin 75Hard. I had not considered a plan like this to ensure I would succeed; I was just going to take a stab at it and hope I didn’t screw it up. Most people probably attack any challenge this way. Do you?

Here’s my WOOP for 75Hard:

W: I wish to complete 75Hard on my first attempt.

O: The desired outcome is the be in better shape, have better discipline and create new habits to make myself more productive.

O: My obstacles are laziness, money, being too busy and not having a support system to cheer me on when I want to quit.

IF I feel lazy, THEN I will put my dance music playlist on to get me moving.

IF I’m worried about spending too much money on food, THEN I will search for better deals or buy in bulk.

IF I’m too busy to workout or read, THEN I will prioritize what is making me busy and schedule my time for 75Hard daily.

IF my friends and family don’t approve of the challenge, THEN I will find others that have completed it and ask the questions/concerns voiced by my friends and family.

P: I plan to do my workouts at 5am and 5pm. I will plan my meals 2 days in advance and make enough for leftovers. Read during every meal. I created a plan to drink 1L of water before work, 1L before lunch at work, 1L after lunch and 1L after work.

This plan was very effective and helped me not make excuses for giving up. Every time I wouldn’t feel like doing something for the challenge, I would look at the plan and the If-Then list to stop sabotaging myself.

What Will You WOOP?

Strategizing your goals with WOOP almost seems too easy, but it’s supposed to be! Reaching your dreams should not seem impossible and if it seems too big, break it down into smaller goals and WOOP those instead.

Try it! Pick a goal, then strategize your goal with WOOP. GO GO GO!

I believe in you.

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach

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