As You Age, You are Less Open to New Experiences

Did you know that as you age, you are less open to new experiences? Let me guess, ‘NO WAY, I WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS!’

Right NOW, you want to do all the things, but as you age, your natural instincts become more about preservation than about new experiences.

Ever wonder why it’s hard to get elderly people to do anything new or even taste a new food? That’s why. What they’ve been doing has been keeping them alive, so far, so why screw it up?

‘Lisa, are you telling me I’m going to be old and boring?’

Glad you asked.

Yes, I’m telling you WHY you’re going to be old and boring; this is a gentle cautioning of what is to come.

You are in some of the best years of your life over 50. At that age, you have 2 things that the youngsters don’t have: money and experience. You should be crossing all the things off your bucket list because you have the resources to do it, but instead, many just hunker down and ride it out.

If you don’t use it, you lose it

Think about not being able to do the things you do now, because you’re worried you might hurt yourself or get sick or not like it. When you stop doing those things, that part of your brain doesn’t get to do it either. Continuing to learn new things and experience new activities will keep your brain function in check as you age.

So, not ONLY am I telling you that you’ll be old and boring, BUT I’m also telling you that your brain will turn into a couch potato.

Your brain is a muscle, too!

Right now, if you haven’t does something in awhile, you’re ‘rusty.’ With a little practice, and dusting off that part of your brain, you can generally get back into it…well, mostly. Once you’re older, that part of your brain might not be able to access that skill because it’s a couch potato that has become one with the couch.

Like muscles, when you don’t use one for too long, it will atrophy and you’ll really have to work to get that muscle back, but the brain won’t have that ability forever. Well, that or you won’t have the patience to practice again because…..GET OFF MY LAWN!

fancy raw tuna

It’s true; as you age, you’ll become less open to new experiences. I want you to notice that feeling. I want you to be self-aware WHEN it comes up and WHY it comes up. You need to decide if it’s something you just don’t want to do or you’re being old and boring.

I’m not talking about vacuuming here; I’m talking about when your friends or family invite you to do something or go somewhere. You get that sinking feeling that makes you picture all the things that could go wrong or that you’ll be too tired or that you won’t like the food or you want to sleep in your own bed. THAT is when I want you to notice it and decide.

I’m not trying to scare you into skydiving at 70, but I want you go on those road trips, try the weird food and say YES to the random classes your friends want to drag you to. It will keep your life full, adventures to talk about and your brain doing pushups.

I believe in you.

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach