I’ve Always Wanted to….

If you’ve ever started a sentence with, “I’ve always wanted to….” then this post is for you.

When I hear those words, I immediately wonder why they’ve never done it. Busy? Procrastination? Money? Maybe they don’t really want to? There are tons of reasons why people don’t cross things off their bucket lists, what is your excuse?

Mine was simple: I never wanted to do something so badly that if I died tomorrow, I’d be so pissed I didn’t just do it.

Are you OK with NEVER doing that thing?

That is the question you need to ask yourself. Are you OK with never visiting New Zealand or getting a tattoo or buying your dream car?

If you’re OK with it, don’t sweat it. Activities that don’t put a fire under your butt are optional. If the opportunity arrises or that same thing lights a fire under someone else’s butt, go for it. Why not?

BUT, if you are COMPLETELY NOT OK with NEVER doing that thing, it’s time to plan it out. For real. Onward!

Let’s Plan What You’ve Always Wanted to Do!

Make it very specific. Here are a few of my own examples.

  • Experience the Carnival parade in Brazil in 2022.
  • Buy a cottage in Muskoka before I turn 45 and spend summers there with friends and family.
  • I want to impact 1,000 people to cross something off their bucket list in 2020.
  • I want to sing the national anthems at a Blue Jays game in 2021.

There must be a time limit on it. If you don’t put a time limit on it, there’s a high chance of you never putting in the effort to make it happen.

The other part of the goal is a specific action. It must have a specific place and activity. I don’t want to JUST fly to Brazil to say I went; I want to party at Carnival!

The last part of planning to cross something off your bucket list is of course the cost. How much time will it take you to prepare and how much money will it cost? My entire trip to Brazil will cost around $3,000. Do I have that kind of money laying around? No. I’d have to save around $170 per month to make that happen without credit cards.

Pick a goal right now while you’re reading this. WHEN do you want to do it? HOW LONG with it take to plan out the steps? HOW MUCH money will you need to save per month to make it happen?

That’s it. What are you waiting for? GO GO GO!

I wanted to drink beer in Germany, so here I am. Found the tour, found the flight, picked the date and started saving. See how happy I am? You could have a photo looking this happy when you cross that goal off your bucket list!

I always wanted to drink beer in Germany

I know what you’re thinking….

“Sure, Lisa. Sounds easy, but but but…”

It can be hard to stay motivated and on top of these goals, especially long term goals. Planning out the steps is easy, executing all of them can be scary and awesome.

Need help staying on top of it? I’m your Bucket List Coach! Why didn’t you say anything?! I offer accountability coaching to help you make the plan and stay on top of your goals. I don’t want you to regret not doing something you’ve always wanted to do! It’s my mission!

Did this get you thinking about those goals? Tag me on Twitter or Instagram or use #thenewbucketlist and let me know what you did! I’m documenting the first 1,000 people I impact to cross something off their bucket lists!

I believe in you.

You got this.

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach

6 thoughts on “I’ve Always Wanted to….

  1. Love your enthusiasm for discovery and travel. Pick a place. Pick a date. GO FOR IT! If you don’t narrow it down, you’ll never go…and you know it!

  2. This is a good post. I feel like there is so many things that I want to do. I want to go to Maldives I want to go to Costa Rica I just want to travel everywhere lol .. Iā€™m so enthused by learning new cultures and foods but I need to not just thinking about doing it but put some action to it

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