The Gift of Time in Self Isolation

You read the title correctly: the time you have in self isolation is a GIFT!

Think about the feeling you have when a meeting or event is cancelled. Do you experience relief, relaxed feeling or a little excitement? I know I do and suddenly, I have this extra time! I get a little excited and wonder what I can do with this new found time!

This COVID-19 has given you a little more time than a mere meeting being canceled, but we are going to make good use of all that time.

What Do I Do With It??!


That is what many people are struggling with right now. Being isolated and having too much time on your hands can do a number on your mental and physical well being.

This is what I’m doing to keep productive and sane:

  1. Read – There are books on my shelf with dust on them that I’ve never read or finished. One book I never finished has a lottery ticket as a bookmark….from 2007. Don’t forget about ebooks and audiobooks from your local library!
  2. Organize – Each day, I pick 1 shelf or drawer and totally empty it, give it a good clean and organize it. Found out I have 5 bottles of conditioner and no shampoo in my closet. Could be problematic.
  3. Exercise – SERIOUSLY DO THIS. With all this lazing around, exercise is so important. There are free workout videos on YouTube and YMCA to get your body moving every day!
  4. Meditate – Take some time to quiet that mind. Your situation could be stressful or just boring; either way, this is not the time to overthink or bring yourself down. Jay Shetty is holding live guided meditations daily on his YouTube channel, so you can meditate with people around the world!
  5. Eat Right – It’s too easy to snack on junk food all day and night when you have nowhere to be, but you’ve got to keep it under control. Many grocery stores delivery or you can order food delivery services, like Chef’s Plate and Cook It, to change it up from the usual. (These are my referral links, so you get a good deal and I get some food too!)
  6. Finish Projects – You know it and I know it; there’s a thing you want to do or started to do and didn’t do it. This is your time! DO IT!
  7. Connect Via Video – Facetime and Zoom are great tools to use to keep in touch with friends and family. It will keep your relationships close and give each other ideas on how to keep busy.
Nature & hiking is a gift! Enjoy it!

I could go into even more tips on how to actually enjoy the gift of time in self isolation, but I don’t want to make this blog 8,000 words. You can also check out my podcast with even MORE tips on keeping your physical and mental health in tip top shape until we are all set free! Listen to the podcast below and you’ll have TOO much to do! 😉

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach

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