‘The Fears You Run Away From Run Towards You’ – Robin Sharma

I talk about fear a lot, but Robin Sharma described the struggle between facing fears and running away from fears perfectly.

It is impossible to avoid things forever; they have a way of creeping up on you. Whether it’s not doing the dishes or not having that difficult conversation or only going on road trips, there will be a time when these things you’ve been dreading will come back.

These thoughts clutter the back of your mind, distracting you and forcing you to use more energy to avoid facing them.

How much easier would it be to face these fears, not run away?

Would your life be different if you faced them? Think about the weight lifted when that fear was gone and dealt with. It would feel good, wouldn’t it? It would make space for more useful thoughts and let the positivity flow.

When a situation is dealt with, you know the ending. Knowing the ending, stops you from creating crazy scenarios or thinking about the consequences of avoiding it altogether.

Nagging thoughts are a waste of time and energy. Does going over a made up scenario serve you? No. Does worrying about how this random ending serve you? No. Dealing with the issue, problem or fear will let your mind relax. I’m not saying things will always go your way, but once it’s over, you don’t have to keep wondering. When you know the result, you can heal and move forward instead of dealing with the fears that keep popping up…

…because they will.

no fear alpaca selfie
Getting a little serious, huh? Here’s an alpaca selfie.

How does your fear affect your life? It may affect how you interact with people or how you travel. Your fears may cause you to be more introverted or overwhelmed. Running from these fears will not serve you or bring you peace. Handling a situation, task or fear one step at a time can help you gain confidence.

Just like setting goals, like I talk about in my book, break these fears into small steps and tackle one at a time. Write them out and begin. I know the first step is scary, it always is, but the feeling when you do it is like walking on a cloud. Do you want fears to run towards you or stop them in their tracks?

If your fears stem from mental health issues, bring the steps you’ve written to your doctor or councillor to help you work through it. Small steps can lead to big impact!

You got this!

Lisa, Your Bucket List Coach