Done Blaming Your Parents?

Has life not turned out quite as you expected it? Still blaming your parents? Who’s responsible for this mess?!

Blame [bleym] verb – to hold responsible or find fault with

The question is: Does blame really matter? The answer: No, it doesn’t. It does not fix the problem nor does doesn’t make anyone feel any better either, so, why do it?

Our need to make someone responsible for a bad thing is insatiable. We always want the world to know what they’ve done and how they’re going to pay for it. It doesn’t solve the issue, but it does encourage this person to not do it again. We’ve blamed someone! Rejoice! So, now what?

The damage as been done. Are we supposed to just sit there and look at it? Stew about it? Try for harsher consequences? Make them fix it?

Stop blaming your parents or anyone else

The most common form of blame is blaming your parents for the state of your life. Spoiler alert: your parents blame THEIR parents and so on.

Sitting in a puddle of blame doesn’t fix it and your parents don’t know how to fix it either; they’ll probably just keep pointing at their parents anyway. You can waste your life away overthinking how others have done you wrong and made your life terrible, but that does not serve you.

It’s up to YOU.

Blaming people doesn’t hurt them, it hurts YOU, so it keeps your life right where it is. Something tells me that’s not where you want to be. You’ve been getting your blame on for this long and what has that done? NOTHING. It’s only brought more stress and given away your power to control your own life! WHAT?!

Where should you start? Be accountable. Think about what YOU can do to turn this around.

Take action. Take a class. Cut toxic people out of your life. Meet new people. Search for a new job. Look for a new place to live. Find like-minded people.

Coffee for 2 Like Minded People. Yum!

Get off the blame train and DO SOMETHING.

When you stop blaming others and start taking action, magical things will happen. Things will get better and YOU are to blame in the best way.

Maybe you take action and something may go wrong. It happens, but wouldn’t you rather know it wasn’t going to work instead of sitting there blaming others for not knowing?

The people in your life are not psychic; they do not know what you want. They do not know what you need to turn your life around or what direction you want it to go in. If you need something from someone, you have to TELL THEM. Crazy, right?

Think about what you are going to do to start making your life awesome. Once you have the first step, talk to your people and let them know if you need someone to cheer you on or drive you somewhere or help moving or whatever. Just make the goal a clear one and map out the steps.

From there, good or bad, YOU are the one to blame. You’re making all the decisions. You’re setting the goals and mapping out the steps. It’s ALL YOU and it feels good to have control of your life. You can do anything.

You got this!