Jesse Itzler Advises “Remember Tomorrow”

I was first introduced to Jesse Itzler at the Summit of Greatness in September 2019. He’s a serial entrepreneur, speaker, athlete, husband and father. He’s down right awesome. His speech was right inline with how I think; the clock is ticking, so let’s do something! I was excited to discover someone with an established platform that had a similar mindset. I was taken aback when he was saying things I had talked about in my own book!

Jesse’s passion when he spoke about the shortness of life and learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable were all of the feelings I felt finally put into words; I was totally inspired and I couldn’t wait to learn more about him.

Summit of Greatness 2019

He has 2 books, ‘Living with the Monks’ and ‘Living with a Seal,’ so I read them as soon as I got home from the Summit. They both hold great lessons that everyone secretly knows, but don’t put into practice. Again, he puts these feelings we all have into words; I had several ‘A-ha!’ moments while reading both books. So inspiring! Jesse has a great way of explaining his point of view that is so very relatable. I love that!

One phrase Jesse often says is ‘Remember Tomorrow.’

This phrase hit me like a ton of bricks.

Don’t feel like doing something today? Keep putting something off?

If you don’t do it today…or right now even, how will you feel about that tomorrow? Will you feel guilty for not doing it? Will you feel overwhelmed because it’s yet another task on your never-ending to-do list you still haven’t completed?

A question I ask in own my speech popped into my head, ‘If you died today, what would you be pissed you didn’t get to do?

I had to put the book down and reflect. It made me think of all the times, I told myself I’d do it later or do it tomorrow and the next day, I felt like crap about it….every…damn…time. It really hit home and every time I try to put something off, like going to the gym or writing a blog post, I look at my whiteboard, where in giant letters, REMEMBER TOMORROW.

Don’t sabotage yourself. Remember tomorrow and get what you need to get done TODAY.

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