What is the Fear of Missing Out?

Do you suffer from the fear of missing out, also known as FOMO?

If you do have FOMO, that means you’re in for everything. You want to be seen everywhere experiencing everything.

If you don’t have FOMO, it’s going to take a little more coaxing to get you out there. You may not feel the urge or need to SAY YES to everything. You may have told yourself that you won’t like it or that it’s not a big deal. But, is that true?

How will you feel when you hear about the experience everyone that DID go to that concert had? Will you shrug it off? Will you tell yourself you’ll go next time? Well….when is ‘next time?’ Is it next week? Next month? Next year??

Not having FOMO can lead to regret. Having FOMO can also lead to regret.

Some people that suffer from FOMO have money issues, because they can’t say no; they must do it and must be seen doing it. Doing everything all the time can also lead to plain old bad decisions.

SAY YES when you’d normally say no to totally get out of your comfort zone. If you say yes to everything, it will never been enough to satiate your compulsion to do them and your fear of missing out.


Instead of feeding the fear, find your passion. Trying 1000 different things is great, but few of them will leave an imprint. Rather, find 1000 different ways to experience 1 thing.

Did you love skydiving? Go skydiving when you go on vacation to experience it in a new place. Same can be done with many activities and it will put a whole new flavour on it to experience it somewhere new. Like my friends in my running group, find a local running group when they’re on vacation. It’s a great way to meet new people and have a new adventure.

Whatever crazy adventure you wind up on or don’t end up on, just think about your intent. Are you doing it ‘for the ‘gram’ or are you doing it to stay in your bubble? Are you looking to have a new experience? Or bond with the people closest to you?

Say yes or say no. Check your ego at the door.

You got this!

Lisa, Bucket List Coach

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