Crossing Public Speaking off my Bucket List

This is what being a newbie looks like crossing public speaking off of their bucket list. I was invited by Mike Pickett of Hero Missions to speak at his first event along with 8 other speakers.

I told him I had never done public speaking before, but he encouraged me to do it. Everyone is new at everything at some point, so why not give it a go?

I practiced and re-wrote for 2 months and watched every tutorial ever on how to memorize a speech. My hand was cramped from writing it out over and over. Hell, I was even dreaming about being on stage.

The day finally came to try my hand at public speaking

I was so nervous, sweaty and couldn’t believe it was happening. Like a zombie, I wandered up and down the street reciting the entire speech out loud; the locals must have thought I was crazy!

Was I really about to get on a stage in front of strangers WHO PAID to see myself and 8 other speakers? Wait, what is happening??!

And I did it!

I wasn’t ready, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Could I have prepared for public speaking more? Probably, but the best way to get out of your comfort zone is to just do it. Like most things, no matter how prepared you thought you were, you’ve got to dive right in!

Public speaking was not a fear I had, but it was something I had never done. I want to help people get out of their comfort zones and reach their goals and I thought this would be a great start to get my message into the world. It was so fulfilling to talk to attendees and hear what resonated with them; it made sweating through my clothes totally worth it!

What will you cross off your bucket list next? Pick something. Set a deadline. Plan the steps and get to it!

You got this!

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